Jun 21 2017

Don’t DIY: Hire a Professional Plumber

Many home and small business owners often face the challenge of fixing minor leaks and pipe problems. To cut costs, they make do with tools in hand and attempt to fix it themselves. However, we recommend seeking professional help once you detect the following issues:

Minor Leaks

More often than not, minor leaks lead to major, much costlier repairs. If left untreated or poorly repaired, they could cause serious water damage and structural issues. An experienced plumber will be able to detect hidden leaks and stop them immediately.

Sewer Line Stoppage

Sewer line stoppages or clogged drains are serious plumbing emergencies. A wise thing to do is call for help right away before using any of the plumbing in the building. Toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks are more prone to stoppages, as they have a direct path to the sewer line. Only a trained plumber can identify where the clogging is coming from and how to address it.

Low Water Pressure or No Hot Water

Most water issues are a symptom of a faulty plumbing system. The cause may vary, depending on the type of system you have. Because low water pressure can be a symptom of many things, it’s best to verify it with an expert. It’s also advisable to ask for a second or third opinion from other plumbers.

Frozen Pipes

Among all plumbing issues, frozen pipes are one of the most dangerous. When temperatures drop and a pipe freeze, you could run out of water or the pipe might explode. The first thing you should do once you notice a sudden change in temperature is to have your pipes checked. Take preventative measures before the winter reduces the likelihood of frozen pipes.

Plumbing problems are more complicated than they seem and often require expertise and special tools. While you can carry out band-aid fixes, a licensed plumber can get down to the cause of the problem and address it accordingly.

One of the reasons people put off calling a plumber is because commercial services can be expensive. Quotes come with high flat and hourly rates, as well as additional costs, such as insurance.

A cost-effective and safe alternative to this is hire plumbing services from an independent contractor. Mechanical Contractors helps Maine residents and businesses find dependable plumbers and general contractors at a relatively more affordable cost. Get in touch with us today for more details.

Jun 15 2017

Is Hiring a Subcontractor a Smart Move?

Say you’re a general contractor building a commercial project, and you find out you don’t have enough people for plumbing work. Will you hire another employee or a plumbing subcontractor?

Money Matters

Typically, subcontractors have higher hourly rates than an employee. But in the long run, you’ll save more money when you work with a subcontractor. When you hire an employee, you will have to pay for other expenses, including overtime pay, worker’s compensation, and other employer-provided benefits.

With subcontractors, you have to pay them only for specific tasks. Once they’re done with the job, they are off to another project of another contractor. You no longer have any financial obligation to them.

Staffing Flexibility

General contractors don’t deal with the same workload every day. So, what if you only need a small team for a certain project? What will you do with your remaining employees? The ideal option is to keep your team to an average size, and, once you need an additional workforce, hire subcontractors.

Working with subcontractors may also mean greater efficiency. Since they are often hired for specific tasks, subcontractors bring specialized expertise to the job. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money training them. In addition, they work fast as it is better for their cash flow if they don’t stay too long working on one project.

With these amazing advantages of hiring subcontractors, you may be thinking you will never hire an employee again. But, there are also drawbacks to working with subcontractors. For one, it is hard to keep acertain quality of work. Various subcontractors produce different levels of quality, even if they are all experts in their field. Thus, it is essential that you only work with subcontractors known for delivering superior performance. It’s a good thing that Mechanical Contractors of Maine is here to help you in this matter.

Should you need quality plumbing contractors in Maine, we can help you. We know what makes for a good plumber, so you can rest assured knowing that our directory only includes the best plumbing contractors in the state. Get in touch with us, today, for more information.

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